Creating conditionHER: The 'Girls' Night Out' Convo That Changed Everything

Creating conditionHER: The 'Girls' Night Out' Convo That Changed Everything

Get cozy, because we're about to spill the tea on the crazy journey that led to the creation of our beloved conditionHER cream.

How it All Started?

Picture this: it's 2013, and Wendy is enjoying a girls' trip to Chicago with her besties. As the rosé flows and the laughter fill the air, the conversation takes a surprising turn to the topic of personal grooming. Despite the giggles and guilty faces, someone asked a question that changed everything: "Have you ever used your regular hair shampoo or conditioner on your pubic hair to soften it?!"

For Wendy, this moment of curiosity sparked a quest. Determined to find a solution to a common dilemma, she embarked on a mission to discover products specifically designed to soften pubic hair.

But to her surprise, she found none.

The Birth of an Idea

Committed to the challenge, Wendy shared her discovery with her friend Eugenia, and together, they became obsessed with finding a solution. They knew that if the product they sought didn't exist, they would create it themselves... cuz why not right?!

Their journey wasn't without hurdles. Facing the unique challenge of formulating a product for such a delicate area, they encountered roadblocks in finding the right formulation. Traditional avenues fell short, as male-run private label companies couldn't grasp the nuances of their needs.

A Fateful Encounter

But fate had other plans. In 2016, while Wendy was enjoying some well-deserved R&R on vacation in Turkey, she crossed paths with a female Ph.D. biochemist, jacuzzi-side. This chance meeting proved to be the missing piece to their formulation puzzle. With her expertise and experience in formulating natural and safe products, their vision started to finally take shape.

Bringing the Dream to Life

Years of research, clinical testing, and experimentation followed. In June 2019, their perseverance paid off as conditionHER was officially born. More than just a solution to a grooming dilemma, conditionHER was a game-changer. It not only softens hair (if present) but also promotes overall intimate wellness with its pH-balanced, EU-approved, safe and natural ingredients.

The Legacy Continues

Today, conditionHER stands as a testament to the power of persistence, determination, and innovation. From a girls' night out to a groundbreaking innovation, the journey of conditionHER is a story of passion, friendship, and the relentless pursuit of better solutions for women everywhere.

Join us as we continue to redefine the standards and elevate the experience in intimate wellness. We believe that every woman deserves to feel confident, comfortable, and empowered in every aspect of her life.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from us. Until then don't forget to stock up on your own tube today!



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