Meet Eugenia Marshall and Wendy Rose Berry, the dynamic duo behind conditionHER.

With over two decades of friendship and a shared passion for safer intimate care, Eugenia and Wendy recognized a need for a natural and effective alternative to conventional products in the market.

  • About Wendy Rose Berry

    Wendy, our founder, is a natural "social butterfly" with a talent for building meaningful relationships and connecting people, ideas, and opportunities. With 12 years of experience in marketing and PR, she has worked on some of the biggest award-winning shows and events at Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing division (WBTV).

    In 2022, Wendy made the leap from her executive role as Director of Integrated Marketing and Multicultural Marketing to embrace full-time entrepreneurship. Her expertise in TV marketing and creating compelling narratives for diverse audiences is key to shaping conditionHER's brand strategy.

  • About Eugenia Marshall

    Gina serves as the FinTech executive at NKSFB, LLC, the largest business management firm in the U.S. and the U.K., with over 600 employees across eight offices. The firm partners with top-tier artists, athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs, providing comprehensive lifestyle management services.

    As conditionHER's co-founder, Eugenia leverages her extensive finance and human resources expertise to ensure the company operates with financial integrity and cultivates a supportive, high-performing culture.

How it Started...

As working moms navigating the demands of corporate life, we struggled to find products that aligned with our values of safety. Together, we embraced a mission to fill this gap and provide women with a solution they could trust. From our dedication and passion, conditionHER was born.

Our mission is clear: to empower women with natural, scientifically formulated intimate care products that prioritize their health and well-being.

Formulating the Solution

After years of research and collaboration, conditionHER was born in 2019.

This daily-use moisturizing cream, scientifically formulated and EU Approved, addresses common intimate skin concerns such as ingrown hair, razor burn, and chafing.

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An Intimate Skincare Revoultion

Join us on this journey to redefine intimate wellness and experience the difference with conditionHER.