Our Brand Story

About The Founders
Meet Eugenia Marshall and Wendy Rose Berry, the co-founders of conditionHER, a natural and safe daily-use moisturizing cream. With over 20 years of friendship and a shared passion for safer intimate care, Eugenia and Wendy recognized a need for an alternative product compared to harsh chemicals commonly found within the intimate industry. 


Both are "employed entrepreneurs," dedicated to managing high-pressure corporate jobs in the entertainment and finance industries, while also being mothers pursuing their own successful business ventures outside of work.

Despite their demanding corporate careers and busy lives they stayed committed to providing women with safe and effective intimate-care products. This drive inspired them to create conditionHER, a natural and non-toxic alternative that empowers women to take control of their health and well-being.


Join Eugenia and Wendy on their journey to transform the intimate-care industry with conditionHER. Learn how it all started, and experience the difference that their friendship and determination towards women's wellness has made in the lives of women worldwide!

How It Started


So here's the tea...


In 2013, Wendy decided to go on a trip to Chicago with her besties. During a classic girls' night out, nothing was off-limits, and over a few glasses of rosé, they jokingly debated the age-old question of "bare vs. hair" down-there which then shifted the conversation to personal grooming.

One of them asked, "Have you ever used your regular hair shampoo or conditioner on your pubic hair to soften it?" After the gasps, giggles, and guilty faces at the table, the dialogue that ensued became a bit more serious sparking Wendy's curiosity. She was determined to see if there were products specifically made to soften pubic hair because, although admittedly common, using hair products down-there was obviously not the way to go.


During her quest, Wendy faced numerous challenges. She quickly discovered that there were NO products available specifically designed to soften pubic hair. She shared her predicament with Eugenia and they both became obsessed with finding a solution -- by creating it.


However, finding the right formulation wasn't easy, especially for a product meant for such a delicate area. The private label companies they spoke to were all run by men who didn't understand their specific needs, and couldn't deliver the type of product they desired. It was clear more than ever before that because this product was for women it needed to be created by women.

That’s when in 2016, while Wendy was “living-her-best-life”, on vacation, jacuzzi-side, fate connected her with a female Ph.D. biochemist who had lots of experience formulating natural and safe products. She was the missing piece to their formulation puzzle! What started off as fun girl-talk ended with a strong game-changing plan.


Fast forward to 2019, after three years of research, clinical testing, and experimenting with various ingredients, creating a product that didn't exist before finally paid off. In June of that year, conditionHER was born, and it was the solution that women had unwittingly needed - a product that not only softens hair (if present) but also promotes overall intimate wellness by being pH balanced using the most effective and safest ingredients available. The trio's persistence, determination, and commitment allowed their proprietary "Dream Cream" to become a reality!

About conditionHER


Say hello to conditionHER, your new intimate skincare BFF! This daily-use moisturizing cream is all-natural, scientifically formulated, and EU Approved to help solve common intimate skin problems like ingrown hair, razor burn, and chafing. If also you're struggling with discoloration or even eczema and rosacea, don't worry - the glowing reviews speak for themselves! And yes, it's great for men too (so keep your tube hidden, ladies!).

conditionHER is made with a carefully selected blend of natural ingredients like Cotton Oil, German Chamomile, Shea Butter, and Olive Oil, which are highly absorbent, non-greasy, and unscented to keep your sensitive skin happy and healthy.

Whether you're preparing for a hot date, hitting the beach after a wax, or simply looking to pamper yourself daily, conditionHER has got you covered (and uncovered!).



It's always a "besties" vibe around here.

Don't forget to check out our BFF Bundles, perfect for sharing the love with your closest friends and family, to indulge in soft, smooth, silky skin together!

Wendy Rose Berry-Eugenia Marshall-Tracee Ellis Ross-and-Nikki Porcher-attend-a-Conversation-with-Buy From a Black Woman-and-H&M
Wendy Rose Berry, Eugenia Marshall, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Nikki Porcher attend a Conversation with 'Buy From a Black Woman' and H&M  (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for H&M)

Beyond The Brand

conditionHER is more than just a product. 

It's a lifestyle.

We're committed to empowering and educating women about intimate care and dedicated to creating safe spaces for open dialogue. With a focus on promoting a positive, empowered narrative around women's intimate care, conditionHER aims to challenge the stigmas associated with such a sensitive topic.
As a 100% Black woman-owned and woman operated brand, we are committed to celebrating and uplifting the voices of Black women in our community. We also recognize the unique challenges that BPOC woman face in general when it comes to intimate care, and our products are specifically formulated to address these concerns.

Whether you have coarse or curly hair, struggle with discoloration or irritation, or simply want to maintain healthy intimate skin, conditionHER is the crème de la crème -- literally!
Name & Packaging

The name conditionHER perfectly captures the essence - encouraging women to condition and care for their own intimate areas in a safe and natural way.

condition = moisturize + your vulva = HER

The name breaks down to 'condition,' which refers to moisturizing and nourishing, and 'HER,' which is a reference to the vulva with its unique care and needs. By promoting self-care and empowerment through the name and the product itself, conditionHER is challenging the taboos around women's intimate care while advocating a safe space for open dialogue.


The black and white packaging features a sleek, minimalist design meant to reflect a powerful yet soft vibe while exuding the simplicity of the product into ones existing routine. It's no wonder that many customers love to display it on their vanities, as a daily reminder to celebrate and care for their intimate health.


The beautiful and elegant design, created by renowned artist Kendra Dandy, is in alignment of the brand's commitment to celebrate womanhood. Known for her high-profile collaborations with leading brands including Anthropologie, Bobbi Brown, VANS, CURAD, Estee Lauder, and Sephora, Kendra brings a fresh and vibrant energy to the design of conditionHER's minimalist packaging.

 Featuring her interpretation of female form line art, it's both eye-catching and empowering, making it clear the brand isn't afraid to challenge taboos and start important conversations.
Why conditionHER?


The global intimate hygiene market is emerging as more women seek remedies for issues that are typically uncomfortable to discuss. From ingrown hair and chafing to dry vulvar skin and post-menopausal dryness, women are looking for products that can help them feel more confident and comfortable.
conditionHER is the solution for people who want a natural, all-in-one product that can help them solve multiple intimate skin issues. Unlike other products on the market, conditionHER is formulated with safe, natural ingredients that nourish, soothe, and protect the delicate skin in the intimate area. Women can feel confident knowing they're using a product that's effective, safe, and truly designed with their unique needs in mind.
Real TransformationHere are several testimonials from satisfied customers, who have given positive feedback about the transformative benefits of conditionHER along with professional estheticians who approve its use for hair removal  aftercare!



"OBSESSED with this stuff. Not only has it stopped the chafing and ingrown hair issues but it's been incredible helpful for both mine and my 3 year old's severe eczema. When he has flair ups on the back of his knees that are red and inflamed, I put this on and it's gone in an hour. This stuff is magic!"

"This is literally the product I needed and didn't know existed! After trying a couple times, I can already see and feel an improvement in the red bumps, rough hair, and other "unsavory" side effects of shaving DOWN THERE. I'm also currently pregnant so when hormones are on a rampage, it's nice to have a soothing moisturizer without any chemicals/fragrances/etc to worry about! If conditionHER isn't in your cart yet, do it. Do it now."

"ConditionHer absolutely saved my skin down there 😭 I’ve have issues with severe & painful ingrown hairs all of my life until using this, aka my coochie cream! Lol but this is apart of my daily skin care routine, my skin has completely healed 💕🧡"

"This is my 2nd time back purchasing this. Best. Purchase. Ever!!! I have never found anything like this. And boys…..my fiancé used it on his sensitive areas due to some chafing. Worked wonders!!"


"Our spa provides body sugaring services; some of our guests have more sensitive skin, and we must be careful what products we use post-sugaring. ConditionHer Moisturizing Cream is the perfect calming and soothing cream to use in our treatment room and will be a great addition to our guests' at-home care. Thank you for creating this product with unique ingredients that work beautifully together to keep our lady bit smooth."

"My clients are loving this product and how it makes their skin so soft immediately after their sugaring session!"

"Thank you for the tube of this wonderful moisturizer. I provide hair removal services and used ConditionHer on my clients after removing the hair. The ingredients are right in line with my standards and values. Thank you for making this wonderful product. The tube went much further than I expected. Which is why it has taken me a while to review. Wishing you all the best. I will be ordering more."

"Love this product its one of our best sellers! 


In addition to these testimonials, we also have a dedicated page on our website that features more reviews from our happy customers, so be sure to check it out!


If you're an esthetician or simply interested in our wholesale opportunities click here to inquire.

Don't wait any longer to start your journey towards better intimate care. We'd love for you to try conditionHER today and experience the transformative benefits for yourself. With our natural, safe, and effective formula, you can finally achieve the healthy and comfortable intimate area you deserve.


Salute to Soft Skin & A Soft Life!


WOW - I'M READY TO "conditionHER"!