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Sunday, November 8, 2020: Meet Wendy Rose Berry and Eugenia Marshall, founder of conditionHER. Wendy Rose Berry and Eugenia Marshall are LA based “employed entrepreneurs,” mothers, and besties both juggling and balancing demanding corporate jobs and building their own intimate skincare brand as co-founders of conditionHER.


“Before we launched our intimate skin care product I'd worked around a lot of prestige beauty brands. There weren’t a lot of high-end beauty brands being marketed to Black women though. So when we came into this space we really, really struggled. When we launched a year ago, we had a full on discussion and decided against putting our photos up.” 


Wendy Rose Berry & Eugenia Marshall on early challenges on launching a Black-owned women’s intimate skin care product made for all women.
Listen to the exclusive interview anywhere you get your favorite podcast: The Jeremiah Show EP328 


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Your Grooming Guide to Self-Care Down There

It’s a new day for vaginas, ladies! Long gone are the days of not knowing what’s in your feminine hygiene products, or wishing more brands were catering to your down-there beauty and skincare needs. From plant-based feminine care products to calming ointments, exfoliators, and beautifully-scented natural oils for your private parts, today’s industry is booming way beyond hair removal. Click here to read more...


How conditionHER Founders Wendy Rose Berry And Eugenia Marshall Are Empowering Women Through Their Intimate Care Line

To gear up for our Summit21 Conference this year in Atlanta, 21Ninety has scored exclusive interviews with some of this year's participants. 

Enter Co-Founders: Wendy Rose Berry (CEO) and Eugenia Marshall (COO) of conditionHER, a company that promotes only the best care for down there. 

With their new intimate skincare line, they are also hoping to break down the associated taboos by sparking and elevating the conversation surrounding intimate care.  Click here to read more...